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C.A.M.P, Craft, Art, Mindfulness, and Play is our very own creative group program created by what was previously known as Art Play Project.

We set different multi-sensory stations up for children and adults with disabilities to explore and develop various skill sets in a fun and playful way. 

Craft, Art, Mindfulness & Play

We have ensured that all our activities are OT credited and achieve specific outcomes for the developmental growth of children.


Children will practice various skill sets that include, cutting, gluing, painting, drawing, hole punching, threading, pouring, mixing, embellishing, kneading, and so much more.

Some activities include our very popular sand milkshakes, magical glitter bottles, play dough & slime making, story-time, and roleplay. Children will learn the art of recycling, being resourceful, and repurposing household goods into something useful rather than wasteful.

Below are some activities we have explored in our C.A.M.P (Craft, Art, Mindfulness, and Play) sessions.

Heartful Support Services is a creative, fun, and caring service aiming to empower people who are neurodiverse and people with disabilities. We provide a person-centered and holistic support framework and a commitment to help our participants achieve realistic goals. We encourage independent living, healthy self-esteem, and emotional wellness strategies. 

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